Engine Swap Safety

Always remember to make safety your #1 concern when changing an engine. Having know someone who was killed from a car falling on them is not a pleasant memory, and puts a new perspective on working on cars. So make sure you have good stands placed in the proper spot before climbing under your car, have the wheels blocked, have a sturdy cherry picker or engine hoist, and remember the most important tool you have is sitting on your shoulders so make your mom proud and use it.
 Before pulling your engine for a swap make sure you do the necessary prep work so you won't be sorry later. Start by finding the right replacement. Make sure you mark and tag all the wiring harness conenections before removing them. An easy way is to use duct tape and a permanent marker. Another good idea is to take pictures of all the connections and location of all brackets and accessories before removal. When removing parts and accessories make sure you take the small amount of time it takes to keep things organized. You will make up the time it took ten times over during the reassembly process, and feel much better about the job. Cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to engine work so make sure you clean things properly before you assemble them. Now go drop that big block Chevy motor in your Chevette and turn a few heads at the next stop light. Remember always work smart and be safe. Thanks for visiting our site.